16.Apr.14 5 days ago


"i need a movie where there are kickass female characters"image

"i need a movie where the main characters aren’t attractive"image

"i need a movie with annoying talking animals"


"i need a movie where the main character lives in a swamp"


"i need a movie that has all star by smash mouth on the soundtrack"


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15.Apr.14 5 days ago

for all the aussies out there…


i really want to do an experiment here. 

please like and reblog if you want us to go to an election and get rid of Tony Abbot. 

cos this guy is killing our country. 

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15.Apr.14 5 days ago
15.Apr.14 5 days ago


did you ever stop to think people are reading this sentence in different accents 

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15.Apr.14 5 days ago